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Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The Keene State College Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame was established in order to formally recognize outstanding contributions to the heritage and tradition of Keene State College's intercollegiate athletic program. The Hall of Fame honors and preserves the memory of athletes, teams, coaches, and others whose achievements have brought recognition and honor to the College and its athletic program.

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Selection Criteria

A:  An athlete, through athletic achievement, must have brought distinction and honor to herself or himself, to Keene State College, and to its intercollegiate athletic program. The athlete must be an alumna or alumnus and must have been a graduate of the College for a minimum of five years.
B:  A coach, athletic administrator, or athletic staff member at the time of induction must no longer be a member of the Keene State College staff.
C:  If a nonathlete, the candidate shall be an individual who, in some manner, has made an extraordinary contribution to the success of the intercollegiate athletic program at Keene State College.
D:  The records of the person(s) considered shall be so outstanding that there be little question as to the qualifications necessary for induction.
E:  Eligibility for teams shall be based upon exceptional accomplishment at and above the conference level, with the team ranking among the nation's elite.
F:  Consideration will be given to personal conduct in sports and personal contribution to the ideal of sport.
G:  A candidate's athletic accomplishments after leaving Keene State College may be considered in making a selection.
H:  A candidate may be chosen posthumously.
I:  Any nomination will be considered for up to three years, after which the candidate will need to be renominated for consideration.